October 2019: Forbes writes about Eduard Glumov's song Water: “Water written by Kazakh composer Eduard Glumov (who currently lives in Amman, Jordan) and American Kate Nothrop, with lead vocals by Congolese singing star Sheryl Gambo, a rousing uplifting tune that addresses the Water crisis and features musicians from Congo, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and the United States – that to these ears resonates with African rhythms that call to mind Ladysmith Black Mombazo as much as Peter Gabriel". - Tom Teicholz, The FORBES
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October 2019: Eduard Glumov's YouTube channel is launched with Water lyric video. Subscribe right now - the more is yet to come!

September 2019:  Eduard Glumov's song Water availible like singel now!
Listen to “Water” here: Spotify

August 2019: The first Beyond Music album, entitled "Same Sky" is released in August 23! The first track is the song "Water" and the eleventh track is the song "More Of Us". Eduard Glumov wrote these tracks together with composer American lyricist Kate Northrop. The vocals are performed by Congolese superstar Sheryl Gambo, and the flutes are performed by Sandro Friedrich (Switzerland). This is not only a world music album, but also a world integration project sponsored by the Beyond Foundation in Switzerland. Among others, Tina Turner is one of their main ambassadors. 23 musicians from 17 countries worked together to create songs and to give international collaboration a voice.

July 2019: Jennifer Haben with an awesome acoustic version of Eduard Glumov's song "Through The Mirror" written together with Kate Northrop (lyrics).


June 2019: Jennifer Haben of Beyond the Black appears on Vox TV Germany singing my song "Through the Mirror" on the popular TV show Sing meinen Song.
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May 2019: Beyond the Black has released an official video of "Through the Mirror".

May 2019: The song "Water" has been selected for the Beyond Music album, which will be recorded at Studios La Fabrique in St. Remy, France, with US producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, etc.)
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April 2019: The song "Water" has also won the Beyond Music Public Award! With over 15,000 votes, it's the project song that inspired listeners the most.
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February 2019: Eduard Glumov's song "Water", collaboration with Kate Northrop (US), Sheryl Gambo (CG) and Sandro Friedrich (CH) has won the 2nd Creativity Award in the Beyond Music Project, a musical world integration project initiated by the Beyond Foundation (Switzerland) and Tina Turner.

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January 2019: The song "Feel the Wonder" has been released on BMG UK's Evolution Media Music label, on the current electropop album. Music by Eduard Glumov, Lyrics by Kate Northrop, Featuring Racquel Roberts.

September 2018: Beyond the Black's album "Heart of the Hurricane" has reached number 5 in the official German album charts! The song "Through the Mirror" is track 3.

August 2018: The song "Through the Mirror", co-written with Kate Northrop, is being released on August 31 on Beyond the Black's new album, "Heart of the Hurricane" (Universal/We Love Music (Europe) and Napalm Records (USA).